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Each scout is assigned to a Den based on his age.  In den meetings, boys work on activities appropriate to their level of development and skills.  As a boy grows in scouting the expectations for personal responsibility, leadership and abilities increases.

Den Meetings:

All dens meet together at St. Rose of Lima on 1st and 3rd Mondays then divide up into different rooms.  Achievements completed during a den meeting shall be signed off in his scout’ book by the Den Leader at the end of each meeting.  Den leaders then follow-up with parents via email to communicate activities accomplished.  Parents shall assist Den Leaders by updating their son’s achievements into the online tool.

Uniform Requirements:

It is the responsibility of the scout or an adult partner to come prepared to the den meeting with his scout handbook and in a clean Class A Cub Scout or alternate Webelos Scout uniform.  During the summer den meetings are held at a local park; scouts are considered to be in uniform when wearing a Pack, scout or blue t-shirt in lieu of a Class A uniform.


Scouts in each den work throughout the school year towards rank advancement requirements.  All the requirements are detailed in the scout’s handbook for his rank.  The ranks in cub scouting are Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos.  An additional honors rank, Arrow of Light, can be earned during the Webelos II year prior to advancement to Boy Scouts.

Bobcat Rank

Upon joining the Pack each cub and webelos scout is required to work toward the Bobcat rank (see requirements).  The Bobcat is a per-requisite for all other ranks but only needs to be earned once.

Cub Ranks

The rank of Tiger, Wolf, or Bear may be earned by cub scouts who complete the requirements for each rank.  The tasks to be achieved become progressively more difficult.  These three ranks when combined with the Bobcat may be placed on the scout’s Class A uniform and together form a diamond on the left breast pocket (over the heart).  In addition to the rank badge, arrow points may be earned by completing elective tasks.

Webelos Rank

The rank of Webelos may be earned by completing three (3) badges.  The 20 badges available are divided into five (5) groups.  They are Physical Skills Activity, Mental Skills Activity, Community Activity, Technology Activity, and Outdoor Activity.  Each group has four (4) badges that can be earned.  After completing the Webelos Badge scouts may earn the Compass Points Emblem by completing additional badges.

Arrow of Light Rank

The rank of Arrow of Light may be earned by a second year Webelos Scout.  The only per-requisite is that he earn the Bobcat Badge.  This is the highest award that can be earned by a Cub Scout.

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